Four new barns and some spring-fever-inspired flowers...

Seasons Barn on Graphite Gray
I found this weathered barn in eastern Iowa, on the way to a show in 
Chicago several years ago. When I drove by on my last trip, the barn was
 gone! Probably dismantled for wood, since there wasn't any sign of fire
 or other natural forces.
Madison County Barn on Graphite Gray
Mixed Media Encaustic
Old Glory North Face
Mixed Media Encaustic
High Plains Red Barn
Mixed Media Encaustic

Can't wait for the flowers to bloom, so I made some.

New flowers on new media - Check out the NEW work available as Canvas Prints, available in both the flower and barn series images.
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Inverted Gerber Daisy Canvas Print
Graphic and stylized, flower on canvas.
Forest of Gerber Daisies Canvas Print
A sister piece to Forest of Daisies, but more colorful!